• Sinclair C5 Concept Sketch

About This Project


As a 3D designer, I was challenged by my creative director to create a futuristic concept of the Sinclair C5. I used my skills in conceptual design and 3D visualization to create detailed 3D models showcasing the sleek and advanced design of the new Sinclair C5. I also utilized animation techniques to bring the concept to life and create an engaging product visualisation.


The project was a personal promotional project, but it also allowed me to demonstrate my expertise in product design and product visualisation. By using advanced design software, I was able to create a unique and attention-grabbing concept that attracted significant interest on social media.


Through this project, I showcased the importance of personal promotional projects for 3D designers and 3D visualisers. These projects allow us to push the boundaries of our creativity and highlight our skills to a wider audience.


In this case, my 3D visualisations of the new Sinclair C5 generated a lot of interest on social media and even caught the attention of mainstream media outlets. By incorporating animation techniques into the product visualisation, I was able to create a dynamic and engaging showcase of the new design.


Overall, this project highlights the power of creativity, imagination, and hard work in 3D product design and visualisation. As a 3D designer and visualiser, it is important to constantly explore new concepts and techniques to stay ahead of the competition and showcase our skills to potential clients.

3D DESIGN, animation, concept design, visualisation