About This Project


Collaborating with TBA’s marketing team on promotional activation concepts for Guinness in Sub-Saharan Africa was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Together, we developed two unique ideas that I found particularly exciting. To showcase these concepts, I used my 3D design skills to create detailed visualizations that accurately conveyed the proposed experiences.


The first idea revolved around an immersive serve using the Guinness glorifier. With this concept, we aimed to enhance the customer experience by providing headphones and a recorded track for friends to enjoy. The glorifier enriched the overall experience, making it more engaging and memorable for customers.


For the second concept, we wanted to create an interactive experience that would engage customers in a unique way. We proposed developing a serve that embodied the brand values and attitudes associated with Guinness drinkers, making it an immersive and unforgettable experience.


To bring these concepts to life, I utilized my 3D design skills to create detailed visualizations that showcased the proposed experiences accurately. These visualizations included intricate models of the glorifiers, realistic lighting, and textures that gave a vivid sense of what the final product would look like.


Overall, the project was an incredibly enjoyable and rewarding experience, and I take pride in my contribution to the creation of these exciting promotional designs for Guinness. As a 3D designer and visualizer, I am committed to using my skills to develop captivating and immersive visualizations that capture the imagination of customers.

3D DESIGN, animation, concept design, retail design, visualisation