About This Project


As a 3D designer and visualizer, I was an integral part of the graphic design team located in Houston, Texas. My primary role was to create 3D visuals of food, beverages, clothing, and toys for Walmart, our biggest client. My work involved 3D design, 3D visualisation, and 3D animation, focusing on product visualisation and concept visualisation.


With a keen eye for detail, I ensured that each aspect of the product was accurately depicted in the 3D visuals, from the texture of the food to the stitching of the clothing. My goal was to create visually appealing and realistic 3D visuals that accurately represented the product’s dimensions and intended purpose.


To achieve this, I spent numerous hours studying the intricacies of different foods, drinks, fabrics, and toy functionality, using my expertise in graphic design to create 3D visualisations that showcased the products in the best possible light. My 3D animations brought the products to life, making them more engaging and exciting.


Throughout the project, I collaborated closely with the graphic design team, sharing ideas and ensuring that our work was consistent with their vision. I used my expertise in 3D design and 3D visualisation to create concept visualisations that helped clients to visualise the products accurately, making the approval process more efficient and successful.


Once I completed the 3D visuals, I presented them to the clients for sign-off, incorporating their feedback to refine the final product. The 3D visuals I created played an essential role in the successful launch of numerous products for Walmart, making the approval process more efficient and successful.


Overall, my role as a 3D designer and visualiser required me to be detail-oriented, collaborative, and deadline-driven, combining my expertise in graphic design with my 3D design skills to create stunning visualisations. I am proud of the work I did, knowing that my 3D design, 3D visualisation, and 3D animation skills played a crucial role in the successful launch of various products for Walmart.

3D DESIGN, concept design, retail design, visualisation