About This Project


As a 3D visualizer and designer, I recently had the pleasure of working on a project for a major UK hip hop DJ who had created a new cleaning product specifically for vinyl aficionados. My task was to create product visualizations using 3D animation to be used in marketing materials for both web and print.


The project allowed me to utilize my skills as a 3D visualizer to create a detailed and accurate 3D model of the product. I paid close attention to the design and specifications, ensuring that the bottle’s dimensions, colours, and branding were all accurately portrayed.


To enhance the visual appeal of the product, I added lighting and textures to make the scene appear more lifelike. I experimented with different lighting setups to create a range of moods and atmospheres, ultimately producing visuals that were realistic and eye-catching.


Throughout the project, I worked closely with the DJ and his team, taking their feedback into consideration as I revised the visuals to ensure that the final product was exactly what they envisioned.


Thanks to my expertise as a 3D designer and visualizer, the resulting visuals were not only high-quality but also perfectly tailored to the target audience of vinyl enthusiasts. The visuals were used extensively in marketing campaigns for the product, both online and in print media, contributing to its successful launch.


Overall, I am proud to have been involved in this exciting project as a 3D visualizer, and I look forward to working on more product visualisation projects in the future.

3D DESIGN, animation, concept design, retail design, visualisation