About This Project


As the 3D designer and visualizer, I created a versatile and functional space for Clarks in East London, which transformed from a pop-up store into a gallery arts space and bar with entertainment and fashion shows. The brand requested a space that reflected their style and values while being functional and adaptable. I achieved this by combining 3D modelling software, hand sketches, and creative input from the brand’s team.


To transform the Old Truman Brewery into a vibrant and exciting environment, I used graffiti and street art. Bold colours and patterns were incorporated to create an energy and vibrancy that caught the attention of potential customers. I also carefully selected an eclectic mix of vintage and contemporary furniture and strategically placed it to create flow, making the space welcoming and easy to navigate.


During the conference, the space became a platform for the brand to engage with clients and showcase their latest fashion trends. I used lighting and creative installations to create an immersive and exciting atmosphere that left a lasting impression on attendees. The mix of art and fashion created an engaging experience that attracted a diverse range of customers.


In the evenings, the space transformed into a gallery arts space and bar with entertainment and fashion shows. I used lighting and creative installations to showcase the brand’s fashion and creativity, creating an immersive and exciting atmosphere.


Overall, the Clarks pop-up store and design space at the Old Truman Brewery in East London was a fantastic project to work on. I was able to bring the brand’s vision to life by using my skills as a 3D designer and visualizer. The use of graffiti, artists, and an eclectic mix of furniture added to the overall appeal of the space and helped to create a memorable experience for Clarks’ clients. It was a great pleasure to see the finished product and the positive impact it had on the brand’s customers.

3D DESIGN, animation, conference design, EVENT DESIGN, interior design, realtime, retail design, SET DESIGN, visualisation