• Sports hospitality and sports awards have been a huge part of my career. No I'm not an F1 driver! From creating the perfect hospitality space at a stadium to a gala dinner and awards show for motorsport such as this set design for the Autosport Awards Dinner. The design was simple but effective, utilising intelligent LED lighting and screens to transform the space for key moments throughout the evening.

About This Project


Throughout my career, I have played a significant role in sports hospitality and sports awards, utilizing my expertise in event design and 3D design to create visually stunning experiences. Despite not being an F1 driver, sadly!, I have been involved in a multitude of projects, from crafting the perfect hospitality spaces at stadiums to designing and coordinating gala dinners and awards shows for motorsports events, such as the Autosport Awards Dinner.


One project that particularly stands out to me is the set design for the Autosport Awards Dinner, where I utilized my skills in 3D visualisation, 3D animation, and event design to create a captivating and immersive environment. By incorporating intelligent LED lighting and screens, we enhanced the audience’s experience and made the key moments throughout the evening even more memorable.


To begin the process, we first worked with the client to understand their vision for the event, aligning our goals and objectives with their needs and preferences. We then brainstormed creative ideas for the set design, taking into consideration the latest trends and technologies in 3D design.


The use of LED lighting was a key element in creating a dynamic and visually stunning environment that transformed throughout the evening. By incorporating screens, we were able to display graphics, videos, and other visuals that added to the overall experience. Additionally, we paid close attention to the layout of the space, creating an environment that was comfortable and engaging for the audience.


Despite the tight timeline, we successfully delivered a stunning design that exceeded the client’s expectations and left a lasting impression on the audience. Moving forward, I am excited to continue working on projects that combine my passion for sports and design, leveraging my expertise in 3D design, 3D visualisation, 3D animation, event design, and set design.

3D DESIGN, awards design, concept design, EVENT DESIGN, SET DESIGN, visualisation