About This Project

Astra Zeneca

As a 3D designer, I designed a visually stunning conference set for AstraZeneca’s event in Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA. To ensure the final design was both practical and aesthetically pleasing, I created numerous event identity iterations. After exploring various concepts, we chose the dynamic “breaking through” set design, inspired by the ground-breaking developments in the field of oncology.


To bring the concept to life, I used 3D set designs and visualisations to create a realistic representation of the set in the venue. The client provided feedback, which we used to fine-tune the design until it met their expectations.


I included various interactive activations in the conference set design, such as discussion panels and brainstorming sessions. These sessions encouraged attendees to participate actively, promoting the sharing of ideas and knowledge.


Overall, the conference set design was a significant success, creating a memorable and engaging experience for attendees. Working with AstraZeneca, a company committed to advancing the field of healthcare, was an honor. The conference set design and interactive activations were essential in this effort, and I’m proud to have been part of it.


In conclusion, I designed the conference set through a series of steps, from exploring various concepts to creating 3D visualisations and incorporating interactive activations. Incorporating interactive sessions allowed us to create an engaging and participatory atmosphere for attendees, promoting the sharing of ideas and knowledge. My expertise in 3D design, 3D visualisation, set design, 3D animation, and conference design allowed me to create an innovative and practical conference set design that exceeded the client’s expectations.

3D DESIGN, concept design, conference design, EVENT DESIGN, SET DESIGN