About This Project


As a 3D designer and visualizer, I actively participated in a prestigious sports hospitality design project from concept to completion. Together with Rob Taylor and the team at TBA PLC, we spent over a year creating bespoke branded environments for each of the sponsors at the Rugby World Cup.


Throughout the project, our team’s primary objective was to design branded structures that provided unique and memorable experiences for Rugby World Cup visitors. We actively collaborated with each sponsor to understand their brand values and objectives for the event. From there, I created 3D models and visualizations of the designs, ensuring they were visually stunning and practical, safe, and cost-effective.


To ensure compliance with health and safety regulations, site logistics, access, and egress routes, we actively created designs that were both creative and practical. I actively used my skills as a 3D designer to create accurate and high-quality visualizations of the branded environments, helping clients to visualize the concepts before they were built.


One of the most challenging aspects of the project was creating interactive experiences that would attract and retain visitors’ attention while promoting the sponsors’ brands. As a 3D designer, I actively designed interactive games, photo booths, and other activities that visitors could participate in while learning about the sponsors and their products.


Throughout the project, I actively collaborated with a talented team to deliver exceptional event design, ensuring we met the sponsors’ expectations and delivered on their objectives. As a result, all involved actively received the event design positively.


In conclusion, actively participating in this sports hospitality design project was a truly enriching experience, both personally and professionally. It actively provided me with the opportunity to apply my skills as a 3D designer and visualizer, actively collaborate with a talented team, and actively deliver exceptional event design. I am grateful for the experience and look forward to actively working on similar projects in the future.

3D DESIGN, concept design, EVENT DESIGN, interior design, realtime, visualisation