• ASUS Exhibition Design
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About This Project


As a 3D designer, I began my career by designing exhibition stands, including one for ASUS at the BETT Education show. To start the design process, I worked closely with the ASUS marketing team to understand their requirements and expectations for the exhibition stand. Subsequently, I made use of my expertise in 3D visualisation and real-time visualisation to create a visually stunning exhibition stand that perfectly showcased their brand and message.


Throughout the design process, I created multiple iterations of the design and presented them to the client for feedback and approval. By doing so, I ensured that the final design exceeded their expectations while staying true to their brand image and campaign message. I used the latest 3D software and experimented with different layouts, colour schemes, and design elements until I arrived at the perfect design.


The final design featured an interactive display showcasing ASUS’s latest products surrounded by vibrant graphics, all with a bold colour scheme that reflected the brand’s image. By using the latest 3D software, I created a virtual representation of the exhibition stand, providing the client with a clear visualisation of what the final product would look like. This allowed us to make necessary changes and tweaks to the design before construction began.


Designing the ASUS exhibition stand was a challenging but rewarding experience that allowed me to showcase my skills as a 3D designer. The success of the exhibition stand was reflected in the positive feedback we received from visitors and the increased brand visibility for ASUS. As a result, I have continued to use my skills in 3D design to create visually stunning designs for various exhibitions and events.


In addition to exhibition design, I also have experience in event design, creating immersive 3D animations and real-time visualisations for various events. My technical skills and attention to detail allow me to create stunning visuals that leave a lasting impression on audiences. So, if you are looking for a 3D designer for exhibition design, event design, or 3D animation, contact me today and let’s work together to bring your ideas to life with stunning visuals.

3D DESIGN, animation, concept design, EVENT DESIGN, realtime, SET DESIGN