• Road Chef 3D Visualisation

About This Project


As a 3D designer, the small retail design studio approached me to help with the redesign of Norton Canes Road Chef in the Midlands. My responsibility was to visualize and render two design options and create 3D PDFs to aid the client in understanding the layout and positioning of their existing units.


To begin, I met with the client to gain a clear understanding of their vision and preferences for the project. Through our consultations, we agreed on two design options that met their requirements. Utilizing state-of-the-art software and techniques, I created stunning, realistic images that brought the designs to life.


My detailed 3D visualizations and rendering techniques allowed the client to better understand what the finished product would look like and make necessary adjustments before moving forward. Additionally, I created 3D PDFs to demonstrate the layout and positioning of their existing units, which was crucial in helping the client to see how the new designs would integrate with the existing structures and make informed decisions about the overall plan.


In the end, the client was delighted with the final designs and felt confident moving forward with the implementation of the new plan. Through my contributions to the project, I showcased the importance of design expertise and the benefits of using visualization and rendering techniques to enhance client understanding and engagement.