About This Project


As an experienced event designer, I have had the opportunity to work on a variety of high-profile projects, including one during the 2012 London Olympics when Arcellor Mittal took over the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel. The client required a complete redesign of the lobby space to incorporate dining, a bar, a lounge, and entertainment, and they needed it done within a week.


With the client’s requirements in mind, I set to work designing, visualizing, and animating the space to create a functional and visually stunning event venue. Utilizing my knowledge of hospitality design and event planning, I developed a layout that maximized the use of the space while maintaining an open and inviting atmosphere. I incorporated flexible seating arrangements and created a central focal point with a stage for entertainment, ensuring easy access to catering stations and restrooms.


Next, I moved on to the 3D visualization stage, utilizing advanced technology to create a detailed 3D model of the space. This allowed the client to experience the design in detail before construction began, and made it easy for us to make adjustments and refine the design to meet their expectations.


Finally, I focused on the 3D design phase, developing detailed plans and specifications for the construction team. I ensured that every element of the design was accounted for, and that the construction team had all the information they needed to bring the design to life.


Looking back on the project, I am incredibly proud of the result. Despite the tight deadline, I was able to deliver a stunning event space that exceeded the client’s expectations. My expertise in event design, hospitality design, and 3D visualization technology enabled me to create a functional and visually stunning space that provided an unforgettable experience for guests.

3D DESIGN, animation, architectural design, architectural visualisation, concept design, conference design, EVENT DESIGN, interior design, realtime, SET DESIGN, visualisation